Cloud Security 服务

Businesses that invest in IT applications 和 programs in the cloud often experience increased productivity, 减少开销, 和 fewer IT headaches. Along with these huge advantages also comes unique risks.

Moving infrastructure outside of your on-premises datacenters changes the security dynamic 和 requires additional security to keep your assets safe. Organizations need help to ensure their cloud workloads 和 data stay confidential, 保持数据完整性, 和 are available when needed.


好处 of LBMC’s Cloud Security 服务


LBMC 网络安全 brings a suite of cloud security services designed to help enterprises evaluate 和 improve the security of their cloud environments. With LBMC, organizations can focus on improving three primary areas of cloud security. Organizations of all sizes benefit from a more secure 和 protected cloud environment. 使用LBMC,您可以:

  • Discover the extent of your cloud footprint 和 exposures
  • Evaluate the technical security posture of your cloud platform
  • Evaluate your cloud governance processes
  • Consult on future 和 current cloud architecture 和 design

Evaluate 和 Monitor Risks

Cloud-hosting services like AzureAWS offer great benefits for internet-accessible data storage where users can upload anything from database backups to business applications. LBMC can help your organization evaluate 和 monitor the risks of your cloud environment. Our cloud security services include:

  • Cloud Security Technical Assessment
  • Cloud Security Governance & 合规
  • Cloud Vendor Risk Evaluation Cloud Security 风险评估

While implementing cloud infrastructure 和 services can prove to be very advantageous, it is also important to underst和 how you can mitigate risk to your organization. LBMC 网络安全 is dedicated to helping companies scale up without compromising security. 联系 us today to learn how we can help you protect your valuable cloud systems 和 data.


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